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Free Music Friday

  1. Is there wine tasting at Free Music Friday? 
    • There is tasting from 5-6:30p with a set tasting list that changes weekly. For a complete tasting experience please visit us during Tasting Room hours of Thursday through Sunday from 11-5p. 
  2. Can I bring in food/ snacks? 
    • Yes! We do sell light charcuterie in the Tasting Room and we will have a food truck on site weekly from 5:30-8:30. Check our website or Facebook to see who will be here! 
  3. Can I bring in outside drink? 
    • You can bring in sealed, non-alcoholic beverages. Outside alcohol is PROHIBITED on McConnell Estates premises. 
  4. Can I bring my kids? 
    • Yes! Our back lawn by the food truck is our family area. We ask that children are supervised at all time. Please be respectful of the guests around you. 
  5. Can I bring toys/ games for my kids?
    • While toys are welcome please avoid:balls, firsbees, jump ropes, etc. Please be considerate of guests around you. 
  6. Can I bring my dog? 
    • Dogs are welcome, they must remain on a leash at all times and please pick up after them. No dogs allowed in the tasting room, service dogs okay 
  7. Can I pick up my Wine Club release at Free Music Friday? 
    • Due to high traffic at our music events we do not allow pick-ups at Free Music Friday or our concerts. Please pick up releases during Tasting Rooms hours of Thursday through Sunday from 11-5p. 
  • Are ice or ice buckets available on-site?
    • No. We do not have an ice machine on-site. You are welcome to bring in an ice chest to keep your wine chilled; all ice chests will be checked on entrance.