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Amanda Perry
January 22, 2020 | Amanda Perry

New Year's Resolutions

In January, we start hearing the same script from practically everyone we know.

    New year, new me!

    Dry January!

    Time to get healthy!

But what if I told you that you didn’t need to cut out your favorite part of your day to be healthy? What if I told you…that wine is good for you?

And it is!

In fact, many studies have linked wine to benefiting hearth health, combating inflammation, and even lowering your risk of depression!

Red wine in particular is rich in antioxidants and resveratol. Antioxidants are found to prevent damage to the cells caused by inflammation, and is associated with a decreased risk of diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They can also help you live longer! It also can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol! Resveratol has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation increases the risk of heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and certain cancers. Studies have even found that a moderate amount of wine (2-7 glasses a week) is significantly linked to lowering the risk of depression.

Some varietals of red wine are higher in health benefits than others. Petite Syrah and Tannat are two types of wines that contain more antioxidants and resveratol than other red wines. Petite Syrah is known for it’s dark purple color which is indicative of its full bodied flavor. Because the grape itself is so small, the extra skin contact with the juice imparts more color and more of these healthy benefits. Tannat is healthy for similar reasons—but because of it’s extra thick skins!

Our 2014 Petite Syrah and our 2016 Tannat are currently on our tasting list and ready to pour! The 2014 Petite Syrah has dark berry notes, cocoa, and velvety tannins all the way throughout. It’s simply spectacular! Our 2016 Tannat is one of our most unique wines. It has a vanilla nose, while being well balanced between earthy and fruit flavors. Round tannins keep this wine interesting on the palate, and very food friendly!

We will see you in the tasting room, open Friday-Sunday from 11-5, to help you stick to your New Years Resolutions!


If you're interested in learning more about wine & it's health benefits, check out these sources below:



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