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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bring in my own catering? 
    • Yes! We do not have catering onsite. All catering choices must be licensed and insured to serve food. We request a walk through with all wedding caterers.
  2. Can I bring in my own alcohol? 
    • No. Our ABC license allows us to serve beer and wine only. All beverages must be purchased through McConnell Estates Winery. 
  3. Who do you get beer from? 
    • We are contracted with Markstein Beverage Co. for beer and seltzers, and can provide select craft beers through Flatland Brewing Co. 
  4. What about Non-Alcoholic Beverages? 
    • We serve standard non-alocholic beverages with your beverage package. (Including but not limited to soda, water, sparkling water - can be customized for your wedding). McConnell Estates can also provide additional add-on services for freshly made lemonade, iced tea and coffee.
  5. What size tables do you provide? 
    • Our standard tables for guests are 60” rounds that seat 8 guests.  For groups larger than 150 we offer the option to do 72” tables that seat 10 guests.
  6. What linen colors are available? 
    • Our standard linen color is cottonesse off-white. We contract with Bella Festa Rentals for our events, and can provide other options and/or colors upon request.
  7. What chairs do you provide? 
    • White padded plastic chairs are included for both the ceremony and reception. Upgraded chairs are available for an additional cost.
  8. When does the tasting room close? 
    • The tasting room closes at 5pm Thursday through Sunday. The tasting room space and event space do not coincide. Bridal suite is in the front room of the farm house. 
  9. Farm Table description and details. 
    • We have 5 handmade farm tables included in our venue rental package. (3 standard height 6' tables, 1 standard height 8' table and 1 high top 6' table). These tables are often used for: sweetheart and/or wedding party tables, dessert tables, sign in, photobooth props and more. We do not allow them to be used for any catering purposes or hot-food holding.
  10. Outside Vendors. 
    • You can bring in all your own vendors with McConnell Estates approval *EXCEPT* alcohol. For certain categories of vendors, you must provide us with an insurance certificate naming McConnell Estates Winery as an additionally insured party. 
  11. Do I need to provide insurance? 
    • Yes, you must carry a basic event policy. All outside vendors must be licensed and insured in the manner applicable with their service.
  12. Does McConnell Estates require a Day-Of Coordinator? 
    • Yes, it is required and the responsibility of the renting party to provide their own licensed day-of coordinator. McConnell Estates will provide an Event Manager on site throughout the event to assist with venue logistics. 
  13. Do you offer refrigeration for cake/dessert?
    • We do not have any refrigeration on site. We suggest cakes/desserts get delivered as close to service time as possible. During the summer, there is an option to hold them day-of in the air-conditioned farm house.